In early 2012, the Preston Lions Football Club embarked on an ambitious Debt Demolition fundraising campaign with the aim of helping to reduce and eventually eradicate its existing debt with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Since that time the club has been engaged in highly constructive discussions with the ATO in relation to the overall outstanding obligations.  This has resulted in the setup of a definitive payment plan with a fair and equitable outcome, with the balance of the debt to be paid off within a 20-month period from September 2012 to April 2014.  This will provide a finite pathway for the club which will ensure its survival and upon completion of payments, the Preston Lions Football Club can prosper again.

Through the establishment of a fundraising sub-committee and various fundraising activities held throughout 2012 and more initiatives planned for this year, the club has been able to raise funds and has already made several substantial payments to tackle the overall tax obligation with the ATO.  As of APR 2014, the club completed all payments to the ATO as agreed on the payment plan.

This will become the number one priority for the club and it is important to note that any late payments could trigger the debt to be reinstated back to its original amount.

The club calls upon all past and present members, sponsors, supporters and the community to support us with future fundraising activities and join us in our quest to eradicate the remaining debt.  We gladly welcome all financial contributions and donations from the community no matter what the amount.

This is undoubtedly the most significant undertaking by the club in its 50-plus year history and one that is beyond the mere few currently serving on the committee. It will require a united community effort. If our club is to survive and prosper beyond 2013 and continue to be a leader in the community, it will only be through the desire, passion and generosity of the club’s supporters and the wider community.

Remember that every dollar counts, and will move us closer to being in a position where we can focus entirely on building our future instead of healing the wounds of the past. Together we can and will eliminate our debt.

Donations can be made in the following ways:


• PayPal (above and recommended).
• Send a cheque made payable to “Preston Lions Football Club” to PO Box 382, Preston VIC 3072
• Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) your donation amount into the following bank account (BSB: 063875 Account Number: 10411159)
• Cash donations will be accepted at all home games

If you would like to discuss further how you can contribute to the Preston Lions Debt Demolition Fund, please contact the club via email at

We hope that you will join us in helping to make the Preston Lions Football Club debt free!