Congratulations to the winners in our 2017 Major Raffle. Thank you to all that supported this important annual fundraiser. Winners have been contacted.

PLFC 2017 Major Raffle Winners:
Ticket # Name
1st Prize 3849 M. Vidanovska
2nd Prize 4738 S. Naumovski
3rd Prize 3033 J. Bozinoski
4th Prize 2969 M. Elkhafir
5th Prize 5035 R. Nassef
6th Prize 4227 D. Petkovski
7th Prize 6030 G. Naumoski
8th Prize 2116 V. Stefanovski
9th Prize 3758 R. Nikolovski
10th Prize 5610 A. Markovska
11th Prize 4758 M. Boin
12th Prize 6154 G. Genis
13th Prize 5784 R. Slawa
14th Prize 6141 D. Dumaloski
15th Prize 5800 A. Georgioski