goldcard The club has released its 2013 Membership Packages and has consolidated membership into two main categories – Gold Membership and Season Pass Membership.  With an emphasis on streamlining the packages and providing value for money, a Preston Lions membership is the ultimate way of supporting the club and having a say in the future of the club.  Through the club’s new website, you are now able to purchase your membership online using PayPal instead of having to wait until our first home game.

SeasonPassCardWe’re asking all of our loyal members to continue their support and for new members to join our passionate pride and start their journey as a member. We’d also like to encourage our past members and inactive supporters back to the club to rediscover their passion and contribute financially.  Everybody knows someone who was once a member or would love to become a member of our great club, and the entire club needs them on board. We hope you will join our growing membership family for 2013. You guys are the lifeblood of our football club.

Click here to download the 2013 Membership Application Form, or click here if you wish to purchase and pay for your membership online through PayPal.