As we enter a year of festivities to celebrate our 70th Year Anniversary, we thought that it would be fitting to honour our great club by appointing 70th Anniversary Ambassadors to represent all of the great players that have represented Preston over the years.

The response has been simply overwhelming with all of the Ambassadors volunteering their time to celebrate and honour our club’s proud history.

On Tuesday 21st February 2017, our Ambassadors gathered for dinner at Vasko Restaurant of Ivanhoe to launch the 2017 journey and hear about the achievements and vision for the club, Redprint 2020. We also discussed the important role they will play during this year of celebration and the night was full of great stories, genuine embraces, great banter and the restaurant staying open well beyond its normal closing hours!

You will all have the honour of interacting with Our Ambassadors at various events during the year including our Gala 70th Anniversary Ball.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our 70thAnniversary Ambassadors:

  • Lube Petrovski
  • George McMillan
  • Con Opasinis
  • George Petrov
  • George Jolevski
  • Diana Piculovska
  • Casey Naumovski
  • Sash Ognenovski
  • Chris Emsovski
  • Nick Cuculeski
  • Phil Traianedes (Western Australia)
  • Gary Ward (New South Wales)
  • Sean Lane (Queensland)

We are Preston.