IMG_4308Last weekend, representatives from the Preston Lions Executive Committee attended the Maso Cup Sydney 2015, which was jointly hosted by Rockdale City Suns FC and Bankstown City Lions FC.  Although Preston Lions was not involved in the on-field action, the Preston Lions President and Senior Men’s Team Manager were very warmly welcomed by not only the host clubs but also by the other participating clubs.  The purpose of the trip was to reinstate the links between our clubs (as Preston has not participated for a number of years) and to start to build strong relationships for the benefit of all concerned.  Despite the warm weather over the weekend, the quality of football was terrific with Rockdale City Suns FC winning the men’s seniors final 4-0 against Bankstown City Lions FC.  In addition, a men’s over 35’s and senior women’s competition was also held as an initiative to expand and improve the quality of the offering over the weekend.

Preston Lions FC President Zak Gruevski was most impressed commenting, “ the organisation of the host Clubs was fantastic and the welcome they (the clubs) afforded us was overwhelming and it’s a benchmark that we should use for our own clubs down here in Melbourne.  It was a pleasure reminiscing about the history of our proud Club and the affection that many still have for our club interstate”.

Following a vote by the participating clubs over the weekend, the tournament will be held in Wollongong in 2016, jointly hosted by Wollongong United FC and Cringila Lions FC.  On the back of the experience last weekend, Preston Lions FC is proud to announce that it will be participating in the 2016 tournament and we look forward to forging strong relationships with the participating clubs for many years to come.