The last day of Autumn,sunday 31st May,saw Preston host Ballarat.In a game more suited to the English premier league than womens state 1,saw two teams,clearly both contenders for the champion-ship tital,battle it out at Ghenis stadium. Preston 2 drew with Ballarat 2 in a magnificent display of high quality,action packed game of football.

If you ever wondered what a determined team looked like,well you should’ve come to watch this game.Preston,missing Amy,Moni and Maree came out with their usual red strip.They were still glowing from the pre-game warm up.

This action packed  contest had everything.It was quick,exciting and intense for the whole 90mins.A nail biter.The lions displayed some unbelievable skills and looked dangerous from the first minute.Di wreaked havoc up front,combining well with Bobby and Casey.Steph Oddo played an outstanding game,with a series of one touch passes that found their mark all day.

Mid way in the first half,Lizzy combined with Di by lofting the ball over the visitors defence and in a mix up in the box causing Di to run on to the ball and make no mistake,by rocketing the ball in the back of the net.The visitors were in six’s and sevens.Clearly stunned from the goal and style of play from the home side.

Against the run of play and five minutes later,Ballarat got a lucky bounce and a one on one with the courageous preston keeper Nicole,and slotted one over to equalize going into the break.

The second half saw the lions continue to apply pressure.With the ball mostly in the visitors half and a series of near misses,you could sense a goal coming.With 15 mins to go before the end,a hand ball in the visitors box saw Lizzy make no mistake from the penalty spot,placing it in the top right corner.

Ballarat continued to fight back and throw everything at it.Preston was working like a well oiled machine and kept everything out.

Deep into the game,with 30seconds to go,the visitors somehow managed a cross,that seemed like an eternity in the air,and headed the ball over every one and somehow went in.

This was a real contest.Both teams were exhausted.Preston clearly disappointed and Ballarat thankful the game ended when it did.All in all,a great display of quality football and talent.Well done girls.