The Preston Lions Football Club is welcoming all interested coaches to apply for coaching positions within our youth system for the 2017 season.

Coaches will be selected based on the following criteria:

● Candidates must be at least 18 years of age
● Must have Working With Children Card
● Coaching Experience
● Coaching Education
● Ability to work with a Technical Director and Juniors Coaching Coordinator
● Ability to implement PLFC Youth Development Philosophy together with the FFA National Curriculum

All Youth Coaches come under the oversight of the Executive Committee, the Technical Director and the Juniors Coaching Coordinator.

The Technical Director and the Juniors Coaching Coordinator are the supervisors of all Youth Coaches for all coaching matters.

Interested coaches must complete the “Youth Coaches Application Form” and submit it to or hand in completed forms at the Club. If you would like to provide a reference letter with your submission please feel free to do so and we will take this into consideration.

Decisions about coach placement will be made in a timely manner. Please understand that only certain coaches can be put in place at this time, other selections will be determined after decisions about player placement have been made.

It is Club Policy that a coach cannot be a parent or guardian of a player in their team from the under 12 age group and above.

Coaches currently under suspension by any regional, state, or national governing body, will not be considered for selection.

Please Note: All coaches must have an up-to-date Working With Children Card before beginning coaching for the season. Coaches will not be given team gear, or allowed to run practices or games, until this has been completed.